Friday, 24 January 2014

Welcome NAMO, the PM in Awaiting. BJP will get 275 plus, may exceed 300: Modi Times


How BJP and NDA will get the majority in next Lok Sabha by defeating Congress and UPA in the General Election, 2014 with a virtue of Modi Magic.

Modi Times Bureau | Kolkata | 25 January 2014:: The Modi wave may take a shape a Modi Cyclone for the coming Parliamentary Election. A confidential report of Central Intelligence Agency narrates that the Cyclone may prove it as a fatal consequences for Congress and UPA (United Progressive Alliance)  which may be arrested under 100.

While various poll surveys give unquestionable victory for BJP and NDA (National Democratic Alliance), some congress agents in different media houses suppress the shameful defeat of Congress and they are making a sense that BJP will not get the majority to run the next Govt. under the Prime Minister-ship of Narendra Bhai Modi. 

But, efforts of  the crooked media will be futile as the popular votes for Modi will earn a thumping majority in Lok Sabha (Lower House of Indian Parliament) in favour of BJP and NDA, without any confusion. The Modi Times Bureau has conducted a social media survey along with some field analysis and got expert opinion that Modi is coming as a Champion of the coming election war between NDA and UPA. Our experts have got no pulse in favour of AAP (Aam Admi Party) in this context and opined that the initial craze for AAP will be rapidly decreased before the real time as the party is loosing its popularity in its Delhi bastion. 
Table- A.
As per the estimate of Modi Times Bureau BJP and NDA will get 275 plus and may exceed the limit of 300.
Though some poll surveys hint that BJP will do extreme well in NJP run states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattishgarh, the Non BJP states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand will give unbelievable dividends for BJP's majority in Lok Sabha. In other reports it is also mentioned that BJP will get good numbers of MP (Member of Parliament) from Maharashtra, Assam and even from Kerala. 

In the table A, the party/alliance wise seat sharing is presented in a comparison with the estimation of another survey conducted by First Post. The related reports for poll surveys by different agencies/media are also  published here for getting the reality of the Victory of BJP in NDA and the defeat of Congress in UPA.

To ensure the victory of BJP and NDA, Narendra Modi is likely to attend more that 100 big rallies throughout the country to boost a new pulsation in favour.

Decisive Hindu votes will play a major role this time as a Hindu Vote bank for BJP to elect a Nationalist force in the centre for a stable Govt. for the next five years. 

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